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Early Intervention

ei_room_3The Infant/Toddler Program is located in the George Robinson Center in Middletown, NY. The program is available to all eligible children from birth through age two years.  

Currently, the program offers two types of Early Intervention services.  The first is a totally parent and child involvement, as parents are required to attend with their children in both sessions.
Our “Tales, Tunes and Tots” is targeted at children within the ages of 18 months to 36 months.  Pre-literacy, language learning and music appreciation are the major topics in this session.

Our other session, the “Mini Motor Explorers” also focuses on children 18 to 36 months. This session presents gross and fine motor activities that incorporate developmentally appropriate sensory experience for young children.

ei_room_2We also offer a center-based “Toddler/Transitional” program. This classroom is available for 2½ hours every day for children and parents. During this developmental group time, the children may also receive the related services that are required by the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP). These related services may include speech, occupational, physical and/or play therapy. Nursing services are available when needed. In order to be considered eligible for the program, a NYS Department of Health approved evaluator must formally assess each child who is in need of services. The process includes evaluations in psychology, education, speech, occupational, physical therapy, and social history depending on the area of suspected delay. Once the need is validated through the evaluation, the IFSP begins.

All of the above services are integrated. For more information on our Early Intervention services, please contact Denise Blair at 845-344-2292.